Highly precise, manual grinding.  Whether single pieces or small series, the universal grinding machine WS 11 fulfills all of your requirements. Thus you can  manufacture or regrind smallest tools and production parts made from carbide, HSS and other materials.  Thanks to the WS 11 concept, cylindrical and tapered tools can be ground and measured in one clamping.

Walter Helicheck

Ewamatic Line

Manual Grinding

  • A high-precision grinding machine which is able to establish re-grinding tools, indexable and rotationally symmetrical tools out of carbide.
  • For a high autonomy of the CNC operated EWAMATIC LINE, three basic criteria are essential:
    • Automatic feed control
    • Integrated dressing of the grinding wheels 
    • 3D component measuring system on the machine.

The Walter Helicheck Pro is a 4-axis machine with a 3D Directview system, featuring three CCD cameras for higher stability and accuracy, especially on small details. Repeatability ≤1 Tmicron (+_0.000) including turbine and woodworking cutters.  Inspects tools about 8" in diameter and 12" long (200x300mm).

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