We can help with that too.
We can design the tool for you based on the drawing of the part you want to manufacture and develop tool geometry for specific material you want to use.
We specialize in carbide cutting tools.
95% of what we do is under 1/4"dia. But we do have larger capacities.
Most orders are completed in 1-2 weeks.         

From .006" to .375"

Reduce set-up times & cycle times, free up tooling positions, eliminate need to generate ID's  with boring bars and dealing with accumulating chips breaking tools.

Need cutting tools? Specials are what we do!
Step drills, Spade drills, Single flutes, Hollow mills, Broaches,
Thread bars, End mills, Boring bars, Grooving bars..... YOU NAME IT WE MAKE IT.......

Whether you need 1 tool or large quantities we can deliver quickly.


From .030" dia and up

Can't find in a catalog?
Don't hand grind tooling in attempt to make it work!
Start with a tool that's exactly what you need.
Custom made to fit your application and holders.(standard or self centering)

Toll-Free: 800-916-1665 / Local: 480-755-3812

Save time & increase your profit! Call HTC / US Carbide Tool and get started!
Toll-Free: (800) 916-1665